Late Night Thoughts #5

The mind is a powerful thing.

It can summon thoughts from seemingly thin air while giving way to an endless run of imaginative creations that are fueled by emotion and energy. Yes, the mind is a powerful thing.

The question remains: what will we use this power for?

It seems I walk through many days and moments where I use this power for my demise. Negativity, doubt, struggle, assumption..... allowing the power of my mind to wield a sword of destructive self criticism and hate. I quickly become the builder of beautiful sources of self harm and wasted energy.

Beautiful because they so quickly draw much of myself into their pools of self pity and doubt. These thoughts can quickly ruin moments before they even happen, in reality that is. So I move about my day mostly battling myself. Words of condemnation fighting words of affirmation. Thoughts of struggle raging against thoughts of positivity and hope. The mind is a powerful thing.

Today I fought the same battle. The same thoughts. The same words.

But today was also different.

Today brought with it a slight hope of ‘what if?’
What if we partnered the power of the mind with positive creativity and spiritual awakening?
What if we married the imagination of the mind with the diligence of our spirit?
What if we brought together the questions the mind brings to the table with the solutions a courageous heart can give?
What if we actually sought to leave each day with a fullness and presence unlike before?
What if we allowed the power of the mind to teach us, guide us, grow us?
What if, all along, we’ve been fighting against something that actually exist to help us examine ourselves? What if we stepped fully into this power, this energy, this place of being?
What if......
On the days the mind seems to be winning, seems to be dragging you down, seems to be feeding you nothing but harm and hate and condemnation- remember the enemy is not within. You are not your own enemy. Rather, you are your greatest power.

For a moment allow your mind to teach you.
For a moment allow those thoughts to tell you a story.
Then, and only then, can we respond in a way that will shine a light within us...... while shining a light for others as well.

Today I fought the same battle. The same thoughts. The same words.