Late Night Thoughts #8

Have you ever stopped to truly feel your heartbeat?

The heart.... possibly the one single thing we take most for granted in life.
After all- without our hearts we would not live.
But the heart has to do more than simply exist.

It has a purpose. A reason.
The heart must beat.

Not must it beat, but it must beat in perfect rhythm to consistently supply blood to the body. If the heart is ever out of rhythm the body is in trouble. Fainting. Heart attacks. Dizziness. Low blood pressure. Yes the heart must exist but it also must beat. The crazy thing about this existence and rhythmic organ is we don’t have to think about making it beat. It just happens. We don’t force it to work. We don’t push a button or program a tool or plug into something for it to work. It just works.
Have you ever stopped to listen to your heartbeat........ I often consider the beating of my heart a sacred gift. Even more- I often consider the honor of feeling the heartbeat of another an even more sacred gift. 

The beating heart can often give us a sense of peace, of rest.

The alignment of hearts, the unity of hearts can often bring the sense of hope and permission. 
I often ponder what could be if humanity lived striving to become one heartbeat. Each of us bringing our own scars and hurt and pain and heartbeat to the Gathering.
Sharing our stories and our love.
Speaking to one another in grace and compassion.
Listening to our heartbeats.
The heart is more than an organ needed for life. It is a symbol of power, of rhythm, of one.
One body.
One people.
One movement.
One word.
One creation.
One love.
The heart gives us hope to know the things we see and feel and experience that devastate us wont last forever.

The heart let’s us know there is Light and Love existing in every moment,
we simply have to breathe it in.

The heart shows that one small movement can ripple through the vastness of humanity. The heart gives proof that love and unity are one in the same.
Have you ever stopped to feel your heart beat?
Maybe it’s time you should.
And while you’re at it- listen for the heart beat of another.

The heart let’s us know there is Light and Love existing in every moment,
we simply have to breathe it in.