Late Night Thoughts #7

This world is so full of hustle and bustle....... of noise...... of distraction.
Have you noticed?
The technology and the ravaging of space and the constant speed at which we live.... it's so draining. It seems we never stop! Most of us walk out the door of our homes on Monday morning already looking forward to Friday which leads to a half lived life through the rest of the week.
Then we often fill our weekends with so much 'living' that we forget to actually live!
Trips and parties and friends and spending and go, go, go....... we actually forget to truly live!

But what does 'truly live' really mean?
What does this even look like?
Do I even know?
Do you even know?

Have we ever taken the time to reflect long enough to actually know, beyond any doubt, what truly living a full life involves? There's a part of me that says 'no.' But there's another part of me, I guess you could say my beginners mind, that knows.
Remember those moments you've had where everything felt just right?
It's the moment you tell yourself 'I never want to leave.'
Remember those moments things didn't feel right?
At all?
Those moments you thought 'how can I leave this as quickly as possible?'
What about those experiences that harken a smile, a fast beating of the heart?
Yeah- those moments.
I've said it, you've said it, you know the phrase- 'I wish this moment would never end.'
Yet we leave that moment, we go back to bed, we try to sleep through the joy and hope and what if..... because we tell ourselves 'living that moment each day isn't possible' or 'I could never be that happy all the time' or 'that's not reality' or my favorite 'we are given those free precious moment so we learn to appreciate life more.'
Well, friend, I call BS on every single one of those statements.
Do you know why? Because we are meant to live our most fulfilled life!
We are meant to be alive every day and not settle for anything less than our healthiest, best self!
The greatest, most sacred work we can partake in is living our fullest life, being our best self, giving ourselves FULLY to others! This living and being and giving isn't possible if we are half of what we are meant. This joy, this happiness, these moments are NOT given so we better appreciate life! They are given so we can experience what life is meant to be each moment, each day, with each experience.

I often ask myself 'how did I get here?' normally followed by 'how do I get there?' I think I'm learning more and more what 'getting there' looks like. If you don't mind, I would like to explore this getting there in a way we can all apply to our lives today:

#1- Surround yourself with people who call out the best in you, NOT with people who cause turmoil or frustration.
Friend- this step is first because it's the single most important step AND the single most difficult. This may mean sacrificing relationships, loved ones, changing jobs, moving cities or more. This single step will change your life drastically. The beauty is you get to choose how it changes things.
For better or for worse? But if you are surrounded by people who constantly criticize you, rebuke you, don't believe in you, talk down to you, ridicule you, make you feel small, discourage you..... you will NEVER be able to live your best life.
If caring and loving self is our most sacred work then this step is a must. Period. It will take courage. It will take bravery. But it must be done.

 #2- Those moments that make you feel complete? The moments that bring you the most joy and happiness? The moments that you want to freeze frame and never leave? DO MORE OF THAT!
Of course, I'm making the assumption all of these moments are centered on the health and well being of self and others, with that said-


Each day can be filled with moments that bring light into your life.
Each day can bring relationships that actually better you!
Each day can bring happiness and joy that isn't manipulated or forced!
Do more of that!

#3- Spend time in silence.
A few years ago I learned the power of silence. I'll save that story for another time. Because of this experience I believe silence is the most powerful act we can partake in. To connect with self, to connect with the Divine, to connect with others is a great work. Learn to use silence as a tool to empower you, to center you, to heal you, to prepare you for the world awaiting. Whether you choose prayer or mediation or walking or any other path to silence, learn to use this art powerfully. The means of silence is of little importance. The priority is to partner with silence for reflection and care of self.
I think all of us want to live our best life.
I think all of us have a desire to be centered and loved and aligned with others who desire the same.
Take care of yourself friend.
You only have one life........ONE.......that's it!
So how about we live it well

This world is so full of hustle and bustle....... of noise...... of distraction.
Have you noticed?