Late Night Thoughts #6

I’ve often thought there was a great treason at play.

A mythical teaching or belief we have all bought in to.

You know, the kind of stories we're told as children then later come to the discovery that those stories were just that..... stories?

I’ve often thought this great treason was a treason of some sort of honesty, or lack thereof.

I wasn’t altogether wrong. I also wasn’t totally right either. After all, there is another treason at hand.

Maybe the greatest of all- the treason of living against yourself.

Yes, living against yourself.
What does this mean?
Good question. Living against yourself means living a life that is more than just against your morale or ethical code. It’s much deeper than that. The treason I’m talking about is when you live against your inner being. That knowing or feeling or passion that’s been with you all along. Those dreams you’ve had since you were a child. Those curiosities and wonderings that are calling you to be someone different.

Yet you’re comfortable. You’re just okay.

You would rather sit in the moment and life of okayness than chase the life of fullness.
This is the greatest treason: To live a life less than what you feel inside.
Those dreams? They exist for a reason. They always have.
Those passions? They aren’t inside you by happenstance. We need you to live your passion.
Those feelings of ridicule and failure? They are telling you a story you must listen to!
That feeling of less..... of not being enough.... of unworthiness? These are the warning signs screaming at you to stop, listen and redirect.
Yet the treason we all seem to fall into is the treason of less.

Of settling.

Of being okay with just being okay. We package this idea of less in words like humility or sacrifice or meekness. We make excuses for our lack of courage by saying we don’t want to take a risk or that we don’t want to hurt others.

Life is ugly friends. It hurts. It bleeds. It weeps. Life isn’t perfect.

Which is all the more reason to fight back against the treason at hand. You are the captain of your own ship. You are the navigator of your own soul. You are the master of your own kingdom. No one is holding you hostage..... except yourself.
There is a great treason at hand.
Will you listen?
Will you decide?
Or are you okay with being simply okay?
It’s your decision.

For me? I don’t care to arrive at the end of my life and know I could have done more. I don’t want to realize I left cards on the table. I want my life to be fully exhausted and know, beyond any doubt, I lived well and I engaged fully.

Yes, there is a great treason at hand..... and I am ready to go to war.

Life is ugly friends. It hurts. It bleeds. It weeps. Life isn’t perfect.