Late Night Thoughts #4

We all have this other side. The side of our personalities that becomes our frustration. Maybe it’s anger or doubt or fear or turning away or running from or hiding or arrogance or negativity or denial. Regardless of the label, we all have this other side.

How do we respond when this other part of us rises to the surface? When we allow those characteristics of destruction take over? How do we defend our best self? How do we defend those around us? How do we cope with the struggle of allowing the light to over shadow the darkness?

I often wonder if this fight is futile. I often wonder if we are expending unnecessary amounts of energy trying to eradicate something that might just be helpful.

Wait- the darkness helpful? Yes- the darkness helpful.

What if this darkness, this other side, is simply teaching us something? What if this other side is allowing us to take a moment of reflection and know our full self? What if this other side is a simple reminder that we still have work to do, we still have growth to partake in, we are still evolving. What if this other side is the exact thing we need? I believe health, our best self, is found in learning from our darkness NOT giving way to it

. I believe our best self is found in balancing the reason for this emotion with the realization of this emotion. I believe our best self is found in fully accepting who we are, this moment, and engaging the path we are walking today.

I felt my darkness today. I felt a frustration and anger and confusion I hadn’t felt in a while. But I’m learning that these subtle moments of darkness can lead to reflection and self care and love. They can be doorways to something even deeper and more meaningful. I’m going to bed tonight knowing I learned from my darkness. I gave myself the chance to reflect. With that reflection I’m ending this day with joy, with gratitude and with a heart full of Light.

I felt my darkness today…