In My Brain...

What is a scar? Many of us have them physically. The parts of skin that show proof of pain or

possibly of salvation. The places on our body that tell the story of something else. An accident.

A choice. An emergency. Possibly the moment we looked death in the eye and simply stated,

‘Not yet.’


All of us have them emotionally. They are the stories that many of us have yet to step into the

courage of living through. For some, they are the moments we have chosen to use as fuel to

ignite our passionate living. And there are those who have used these stories to inspire greater

living in others. The moments of failure, rejection, terrible decision making. The moments we

were abandoned or found ourselves in the pit of self destruction.


We all have them.

We all work to hide them.

But they are much more powerful when seen.

We all try to, at some point, hide the scars. Whether they be physical or emotional or spiritual,

we all try to hide the perceived weakness of a scar. We don’t want the questions. We don’t

want to re-tell the story thus having to re-live the reality. We just simply want to survive. We

want to forget the surgery. We want to move on to the new. We want to delete the rejection. We

want to numb the pain. We want to hide the struggle. But scars live with us, forever. Scars

remain inside and out. They cannot be erased. They cannot be undone. They cannot be

forgotten. No matter how much lotion we apply or alcohol we drink or people we move on to or

money we spend......the scars remain. Telling a story. A story that matters.

And this story is a story of strength and endurance and power.

It is in the scars of life that we find our power. It is within the story of the scars that we find our

‘because.’ It is in the pain of the scars that we find our strength. Our first reaction to pain is

defense. To run. To defend ourselves against anything or anyone who could cause us this pain.

While defending ourselves is often the best action we can take, it often becomes our life’s


‘I will not let you hurt me again.’

‘I will not open myself up again.’

‘I will never take another risk again.’

‘I’m not worth it.’

‘I have no purpose.’

If we allow the story of the scar to become the god of our life then we will never step into the

beauty of the story. The story of the scar hurts. Terribly. For some more than others. For some it

means so much agony and pain and heartbreak that is seems overwhelming. I’ve learned in life

that oftentimes when things seem so overwhelming, it is best to step into that feeling of being

overwhelmed rather than running from it. I’ve learned that when we can step into feelings of

fear and hurt and failure we actually make friends of those emotions. They become our

teachers. They become our guides. These emotions are not our enemy. They arise to give us a

gift. The gift of understanding more about ourselves. The gift of real strength that no-one can

take away. The gift of peace and contentment that can overcome any situation and be ever

present throughout every season. They give us the gift of mercy. First to ourselves. Then, to

others. It is when we step into the story of the scar that we find the true reflection of who we

are. The reflection that bares all. The reflection that forces us to reconcile ourselves to......


The scar holds the power. The power to be present in any circumstance.

Scars are not meant to be hidden. They are not ugly nor unworthy. For within the scar lies the

story. The story of now. The story of how you’ve arrived at this very moment in time. The story

of gaining strength through the undoing. The story of mercy and grace and compassion. Scars

tell the miraculous story of redemption. Within your scar is the power to redeem what you wish

could have been done. Within the scar is the endurance to live a life of passion and grace.

Within the scar is the permission to love greater, touch deeper and breathe with more purpose.

Within your scar is the miracle. The miracle, that when fully lived, shares the story that will

change the world......... beginning with you.

Scars are not meant to be hidden.

They are not ugly nor unworthy.