Late Night Thoughts #2

There is a place in life we are meant to arrive.

A place where everything feels in exact rhythm.

Our effort. Our energy. Our love. Our peace. Our mind. Our emotion. Those around us.

There is a place, an arrival, a timing that fits exactly who we are and where we are meant. If you were to ask me what is the most important act one can partake in, I would suggest finding your rhythm. Finding your place. For in finding this place we find our true selves. Our best self. We find the place of joy, of greatest love, of light, of peace. In finding this rhythm, this place, we actually find the exact moment we were meant to live.

The moment we can give to others and be given to.

The moment we can sit with fear and not worry.

The moment we can smile and know all is perfectly as it is meant.

Yes, there is a rhythm to life and the greatest adventure we can take is to find this rhythm...... to find our place.

The moment we can sit with fear and not worry