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Seminars & Speaking Packages

Seminars & Group Activities -

If you are interested in booking a customizable seminar for your team, we would love to visit with you about your specific needs and goals.
Whether that includes growing your company culture or how to simply hire and retain top talent, we want to make the perfect package for you and your exact situation. Our specialties include: personal development, shifting workplace culture, mental and emotional health, physical activity and nutrition, workplace communication systems and management development. Our holistic approach to workplace and corporate environments are what set us apart.

Speaking Engagements -

With every speaking engagement our goal is to simply inspire. We have multiple speaking packages available that cater to your needs. Our specialty is crafting talks that engage your audience and invite them to consider the next level of thought and living.


Consulting & Coaching Packages

Consulting -

In our experience we have found that reoccurring consulting sessions reap the best reward. Most of what we teach and coach are behavior changes in a positive progressive way. We are all human, so most of the time we need a reminder and some inspiration here and there to keep our thoughts on track. Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being as well as workplace cultural development and personal development. We have lead multi million dollar businesses, pastored churches, begun start ups, consulted tens of thousands of people and most importantly, failed often. We believe life is lived between the black and white. Our team focuses on how to fully live in the space between.

coaching -

Needing just a refresher course to get everything back on track? Or maybe recently you have added new teammates to your team?

Our one on one coaching sessions are a perfect fit.

We believe one of the most sacred acts we can take part in is helping someone discover their passion. We believe that deep within, everyone has a passion, a gifting, a talent that will guide them toward living their best life. Through over 50,000 hours of coaching, our team has developed questions, conversation starters and processes that will engage and invite anyone to the table of discovering their greatest self.

With coaching sessions we can create your dream team and dream company culture.