Inspiring positivity and love one day at a time…

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Who I am in 3 Sentences…

I am passionate about you living your fullest life.

I want to create things that inspire you.

I will do all I can to inspire peace, love and unity.


Offered Services

When I’m speaking I am living my best life and fulfilling my purpose. My goal is to inspire positive change and strengthen company culture. Find out about my consulting services and how I can help your specific circumstance.


My Music

The world of music is healing for me. To create lyrics and rhythms that resonate with people and tell the stories of life is a truly miraculous thing. We love to perform and collaborate with artists to create one of a kind sound. Click Learn More to experience Mitch Gray and The Conspiracy.


Community & Small Group

I believe community is essential to life. When we live together within community we bring out the best in each other and give each other hope. Find out what we are up to and how to get involved.


The Mitch Gray Blog

I want to share hope and inspiration with you. I believe the more positivity we can invest in the world the more will be returned. These blogs are the reflection of my inner thoughts and random observations about this thing called life.